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Princess Nails International, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of a full line of American-Made professional nail care products.

We offer our products only to Licensed Professional Cosmetologist and Manicurist, Salon Owners, Beauty Schools and Students, and Professional Beauty Distributors.

In the past 20 years, we have enjoyed great success in expanding our initial line from 30 items to a portfolio of over 500 items. Our newest, most popular products include Nail Grow Strengthener/Hardener (Calcium + Protein + Collagen), Scented Cuticle Oil Nourishment/Moisturizing) Hologram Top Coat Nail Art (3-D Nail Polish Design), Colored and Glitter Acrylic (Design), and Stripe-EZ Nail Art (Nail Enamel/Lacquer).

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