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Princess Plus
PRINCESS® Plus 4 Part System

Princess Plus Facts
Princess Plus System was designed as an alternative to acrylic, gel, and fiberglass system products. With the use of new technology Princess Plus enables artificial nail application without the use of primer or monomer. This no order system is a combination of the finest powder and resin available today. Complete a full set of nails in about 30 minutes!

Application Guide
Before you begin preparing the nail beds, thoroughly sanitize your hands and your client’s hands. Be sure to use only well sanitized tools and implements.

To prepare the nail beds start by performing a mini-manicure on your client.
  • Gently push back cuticle with a manicure tool.
  • Shape the free edge of nail.
  • With the fine side of your file lightly buff the natural nail to remove surface oil as well as dead cuticle from the cuticle area.
For Tip Application
Select the appropriate Princess Tips and size tips to clients nail. Be sure that tip fits from sidewall to sidewall. Using Princess Plus Brush-On Adhesive Base Coat or nail glue generously apply to the nail bed of tip. Then dab off the excess and rock the tip onto nail from free edge forward. Gently file ridge of the nail tip flush with natural nail. Cut and shape too desired length and shape.

Princess Plus Application Guide

Step 1: Apply the first coat as a base on the nail with Princess Plus Brush-On Adhesion Base Coat. Spread resin evenly from base of nail to tip. DO NOT ALLOW RESIN TO REMAIN ON CUTICLE. If resin should get on cuticle, remove with wood stick.

Step 1

Step 2: Dip nail in Princess Plus Powder Coating. Make sure entire nail is covered completely. Lightly shake any excess off.

Step 2

Step 3: Apply Princess Brush-On Adhesion Finish Coat evenly on entire nail using a thin application. DO NOT ALLOW RESIN TO REMAIN ON CUTICLE. If resin should get on cuticle, remove with wood stick.

Step 3

Step 4: Once step 1 through 3 are completed, spray with Princess Plus Spray-on Dry Mist to dry the nail. Hold bottle approximately 4” away from nail surface.

Step 4


To complete the application shape, smooth and shine with appropriate files. Apply Princess Cuticle Oil before final buffing to leave a fresh manicured appearance. Polish nails if desired.

It is recommended to use Princess Plus Brush Cleaner during the application process. If the bristles of either the Brush-On Adhesion Base Coat or the Brush-On Adhesion Finish Coat start hardening then immediately alternate that brush in brush cleaner. By keeping brushes constantly clean this will prevent any complications with the product.

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